Sadhana Kitchen – a raw degustation

Sadhana Kitchen – a raw degustation

A few weeks ago, Good Sir Dilly Dally and I went out for date night to Sadhana Kitchen for a seven course raw vegan tasting menu. With Good Sir Dilly Dally being a vegetarian, it was nice to be able to go somewhere that offered more than just the standard vego option of mushroom risotto. We had been to a few other vegetarian degustations around but for some reason some chefs seem to think that raw egg is something that a vegetarian would want to eat (and yes this seriously has happened before). With Sadhana Kitchen being Sydney’s first raw food restaurant, I didn’t think there would be any chance of something like that again…

We strolled up to Enmore on a warm Friday evening and arrived for a 7pm start. We were greeted by the friendly wait staff and got to choose our table… Soon the place was buzzing with chatter as the tables filled up. The atmosphere was very casual, intimate and relaxed.

The chef came out to greet us and explained a bit about the food and the menu that was planned for the evening. So all the food being served this evening would be raw, meaning that it would be prepared without going over 38-40°C so that the enzymes and nutrients are not compromised, and therefore better for us. The other thing we were asked to consider over the coming courses was where our food comes from, the farmers that grow the food and the time it takes from planting the crops to arriving on our plates.

So without any further ado lets get to the food…


Course 1: Coconut labna, cherry jam and kohlrabi crisp, sage

A nice start to the meal although I personally like the dairy labna better (especially the one from the Binnorie Dairy in the Hunter Valley).



Course 2: chilled cucumber soup watermelon

A very refreshing course on a warm balmy evening. I had to include a picture of both of our soups since they were presented so beautifully (I have a weakness for edible flowers)…




Course 3: beetroot terrine, pickled blood orange, sesame almond cracker

My favourite dish of the evening… the garlic orange was a perfect match for the the terrine. Absolutely delicious!



Course 4: buttermylk creme, smoked peach, tomato shards, lemon rind

All the courses were presented so elegantly… fine dining in the Inner West.



Course 5: mushroom ceviche, orange + fennel salsa, lime

By this point we had finished our bottle of wine and with three courses still to go we thought we better go get another one… probably not our best idea! Our first bottle was a 2013 organic chardonnay from McLaren Vale as recommended by the restaurant, perfectly complementing the menu thus far… but the second bottle from across the road was not as nice.


Course 6: coconut ravioli pastry, mushroom, truffle oil, sea salt flakes

An interesting take on a classic pasta dish. So many people think vegetarian and vegan food is boring and tasteless. When I told some friends I was going to a raw vegan degustation they were like “why would you want to pay to do that?” or “so is it like just lots of carrot sticks and salad?”. Why does being a vegetarian hold such a stigma in our society? When did it become the norm to consume meat at almost every meal? This tasting menu just goes to show how creative and delicious vegan fare can be!



Course 7: Raw carrot cake

Dessert is always my favourite part of the meal and this cake did not disappoint and was so much better than the raw carrot cake I made at home a few months ago. I think I might have to buy their recipe book so that I can recreate at home!



Overall, a lovely night out… The atmosphere was intimate, the food was presented impeccably and tasted really good, and although I ate a lot, I didn’t feel overly stuffed or bloated. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for something a little bit different.

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