A few years ago, just before I turned 30 I had a premature mid-life crisis… I was bored with life and was craving for something new.

So my husband and I quit our jobs, rented out our house, packed up our lives into storage and set off on a quest to discover what else life had to offer – something exciting and different.

After travelling through Europe for a few months, we settled into life in London. Weekdays were for working, but weeknights and the weekends were reserved for living, socializing and travelling. We would hop on a tube, train or plane and explore all the restaurants, bars, shops, museums and neighborhoods’ in London, the UK and Europe. We would go to the theatre, concerts, gallery openings and sporting events, pretty much anything that tickled our fancy.

Unfortunately, our way of life couldn’t last forever and when our visas expired we reluctantly made the long journey home to Sydney, Australia. I have created this blog in an effort to continue living life to the fullest and avoid falling back into our old rut. This blog is a place where I can document all the things I love about life… food, travel, style and life in Sydney.

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